Customized x-ray systems

Next to our standard products, we offer solutions that are exactly adapted to the requirements of the customer. These include the installation of complete x-ray units in existing premises (basements, factory buildings, etc.). It is also possible to retrofit an already existing x-ray unit with digital linear x-ray cameras. Using linescan technology offers a number of advantages:

  • Very long lifetime - even at 450kV, we offer 5 years guarantee against radiation damages of the detector
  • High resolution, even for very large parts
  • The line collimator nearly completely eliminates scattered rays
  • No geometrical distortion in scanning direction
  • All our systems are upgradable by the stereoscopy option for x-ray inspection in 3D

The pictures on this page show an example: The customer operates a 450kV x-ray system in an x-ray bunker. We have enhanced this unit by digital imaging technology.

The core element of the solution is a scanner device, especially designed for the room to make optimal use of available space. The scanner device integrates two linear x-ray cameras and is therewith ready for stereoscopic 3D x-ray inspection. The test parts are placed on the object table which moves the parts through the x-ray beam during the exposure in scanning technique. Safety is ensured by safety edges (protection against crushing) and an emergency stop button.

The complete scanner device is mounted on rolls. A floor track prevents tilting, so that the device can easily be driven out of the x-ray room if required.

Next to the scanner device, the order included the furnishing of the unit with a modern wall stand. With the wall stand, the distance between x-ray tube and cameras can be changed quickly and comfortably.

X-Ray scanner table


Linescan table in x-ray bunker


Key data of the scanner unit
Maximum object size Maximum object weight Maximum image size Maximum image resolution
52.5'' x 29.4''
(1.33m x 0.72m)
660 lbs
52.5'' x 24.7''
(1.33m x 0.63m)
300 DPI = 83µm
  This results in 120 megapixel per camera at maximum image size and resolution