System components of the x-ray cabinet DXC 3000


Components of the x-ray cabinet

The DXC 3000 includes all required components for full-digital x-ray examinations: The x-ray tube, the manipulator and the digital x-ray camera are housed within the x-ray shielded enclosure. The remaining components (generator, water chiller, workstation) are located in the lower part of the unit.

The x-ray images are taken in a scanning process: The manipulator moves the test object through the x-ray beam. During this, the camera scans the object line by line and transmits the data to the workstation, where the image gets assembled by the acquired lines.

All components are linked to the workstation. This allows a convenient operation of the machine. The operator only has to start an exposure. All further steps (turning on the radiation, start of the scanning movement and the image acquisition, etc.) are performed fully automatically by the software, until the x-ray image is available on the workstation for evaluation and archiving.


1  X-ray source

2  Collimator

3  X-ray camera

4  Manipulator

5  Water chiller

6  X-ray generator

7  Workstation (PC)



DXC 3000 Workplace with two monitors for stereoscopic 3D

DXC 3000 working area with two monitors:
Left monitor: Main screen    Right monitor: full screen 3D view

x-ray images shown in the software

Main screen of the software, with some
x-ray images in different views