The x-ray cabinet DXC 3000 has been designed with a strong emphasis on safety:

  In conformance to EN ISO 12100:2010, DIN EN 61010-2-091 and DIN 54113-2
  X-Ray protection exceeds the strictest radiation safety standards
  Made in Germany: The DXC 3000 is completely manufactured and tested in Germany


Radiation Safety

The x-ray shielded enclosure in sandwich-design (steel-lead-steel) prevents a leakage of radiation. The local dose rate directly on the cabinet surface is far below 1µS/h. For comparison: The typical dose rate for passengers in an airplane at an altitude of 33,000 feet is about 5µS/h. Important: The above mentioned maximum dose of 1µSv/h only relates to areas of the cabinet which are difficult to access, for example directly beyond the x-ray enclosure. At normal accessible areas, no radiation emitted by the cabinet can be measured.

x-ray protection in sandwich design
safety door interlocks

Door Interlocks

The DXC 3000 is equipped with two redundant door interlocks. The interlocks prohibit turning on the x-ray radiation while the door is open. Also, they immediately shut off the radiation when the door is opened during x-ray inspection.


Radiation Lamps

Two clearly visible “x-ray on” warning lights are embedded in the columns of the DXC 3000. The warning lights are made with LEDs, which have a much higher failure safety than usual incandescent light bulbs. In addition, the functionality of the warning lights is monitored by optical sensors.

optically monitored radiation warning lights
key switch for protection against unauthorized use

Key Switch

A key switch on the control panel is used as main switch. The x-ray unit can only be turned on with the matching key, so it is protected from being used by unauthorized people.