The digital x-ray system for the radiographic inspection of large objects

Art X-Ray system for the radiography of large objects

Art museums, galleries and conservators are often faced with the task to classify paintings or to verify thier authenticity. Various analytical examinations are performed in the course of this process. One of it is the x-ray inspection of the painting. For painting restoration, x-ray images provide valuable information about the actual state of the painting.

Our Art X-Ray system has originally been developed especially for the radiography of paintings: Large-format paintings can be x-rayed in one single scan. As the scan runs fully automatically, the manual effort is quite low. Independent of the size of the painting, the resolution of the x-ray image stays constantly high at 83µm, so even fine brush marks are visible. But the system is not only dedicated for paintings: Being equipped with the right components, it is a universal unit for the x-ray examination of other objects as well, like sculptures, historical musical instruments or even antique furniture.

The concept of the system can easily be adopted to other applications: Generally, it is usable for all kind of large objects which shall be x-rayed with high resolution. This can be for example large panels (aluminum, plastic, GFRP, wood, etc.), honeycombed sandwich plates, fiber mats or structures made of composite material.


Further information about the x-ray inspection of paintings can be found on our    Art X-Ray product page.