The DXC 3000 is highly adaptable to customer needs.

To reach optimum results in an x-ray inspection, the system components have to be adapted to the specific application. Materials with low density (e.g. plastic parts) require "soft" radiation, while objects with higher density (e.g. aluminum castings) are x-rayed with "harder" radiation. If an inspection task needs to reach a high throughput, the x-ray unit must supply enough power, whereas for less time critical application a less powerful system is sufficient. For the inspection of individual small objects, it is enough to have a small image, larger scaled samples are more comfortable to be checked with larger x-ray cameras.
extensible object table for easier loading



The modular design of the DXC 3000 allows us to fit the cabinet perfectly to the particular requirement of the customer. Among other things, the following options are available:

  • Various x-ray sources and generators
  • Linear x-ray cameras in various lengths
  • A second x-ray camera for stereoscopic 3D images
  • Object table with drawer for easier loading of the cabinet
The technical data section provides an overview of available standard components.


On customer's request, the whole construction of the cabinet can be changed.
The picture shows a cabinet that has been modified based on customer specification: Two windows have been added to the x-ray protection enclosure, and the body was painted in a different color. The cabinet is mounted on height-adjustable feet to compensate unevenness of the floor. An electromechanical lock prevents unauthorized opening of the door. The interior of the cabinet has been equipped with additional x-ray source mounting brackets and cable access ports.

customized x-ray cabinet



X-ray inspection in 3D 

By upgrading the system with a second x-ray camera, the cabinet can be used to take stereoscopic 3D x-ray images. With that, the operator does not only see a flat image, but the object is displayed on a special 3D monitor with spatial depth. The 3D presentation significantly facilitates the evaluation and interpretation of the x-ray images. Please visit the 3D section for more information and sample images.

two x-ray cameras for 3D inspection